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In 1958 game inventor Charles Roberts founded the Avalon Hill game company in Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose was to publish his own, at that time rather revolutionary, game designs. While he brought out several titles, by 1962 debts caught up with him and he was forced to deal with creditors. One of the biggest was his printer, Monarch Services, owned by the Dott family, who ended up buying the company and running it as Monarch Avalon for another 36 years. The new company would be run by Tom Shaw.

Before 1970, more than 80% of the games were designed either by Roberts or Shaw. This was the traditional game publisher model. Over time, companies like Simulations Publications (SPI) started by James F. Dunnigan and Redmond Simonsen in New York and Game Designers Workshop (GDW) by Marc Miller and Frank Chadwick in Illinois followed the same model. In its history of dozens of games, SPI never brought out any previously published designs and in fact only accepted a grand total of two outside designs in its entire history (A Mighty Fortress and Winter War). Perhaps feeling pressured on the complex games end of the market, AH was to make a sharp divide from this practice when in the 1970's they acquired the titles of 3M company (which had given up on games) and began a long period of re-publishing previously-released titles from other houses. In effect, the AH company became more like a book publisher than a traditional wargame producer. And many of these games were on the low complexity end of the scale. In these days both SPI and AH published magazines to support their products and there was considerable teasing over this in the SPI journals.

Somewhat ironically perhaps, a few years later it was SPI and not AH which folded up shop. AH took the opportunity to hire a number of the ex-SPI designers and published their games under the label "Victory Games". Many of these games were notable for taking on hot topics previously little treated such as Viet Nam, Central America, modern naval action and even sex. SPI also lived on in a few titles published by TSR of Wisconsin which took them over. In later years, management of AH was taken over by by Don Greenwood, whose name is credited as a developer on virtually every title of this period. Greenwood has written that toward the end of that run, the company had been only barely profitable for years. Only a few such as We the People were groundbreaking or particularly successful. 1997-98 saw serious and costly legal missteps and in the latter year owners Eric and Jack Dott sold the company to Hasbro for $6 million.

In some sense Avalon Hill has spawned a number of heirs. Besides the titles which Hasbro brings out under this label, there are also re-publications of old titles and in some cases further expansions by Multi-Man Publishing and Eurogames/Jeux Descartes. Some other titles originally intended for AH such as Paths of Glory and Galaxy: the Arena appear by GMT Games. In addition Don Greenwood continues to run Avaloncon, the annual games convention, now under the rubric World Boardgaming Championships, probably now of greater interest than ever. So fans of the AH line probably have no need to fear: these games will probably be with us for a long time.

Avalon Hill Games

Title Year Designer Originally by Later Publisher
1776 1974 Randall C. Reed AH
1830 1986 Francis Tresham
1914 1968 James F. Dunnigan AH
Acquire 1971 Sid Sackson 3M New AH
Adel Verpflichtet 1991 Klaus Teuber F.X. Schmid
Advanced Squad Leader 1985 Don Greenwood, Bob McNamara AH Multi-Man
Advanced Third Reich 1992 Bruce Harper AH
Adventure with No Name 19??
Afrika Korps 1964 Charles Roberts, Lindsley AH
Afrika Korps, 2nd edition 1965 Charles Roberts, Lindsley AH
Afrika Korps, 3rd edition 1977 Charles Roberts, Lindsley AH
Age of Renaissance 1996 Jared Scarborough AH Eurogames/Jeux Descartes
Air Assault on Crete 1978 V. Borries AH
Air Baron 1996 E. Davis
Air Empire 1961 Tom Shaw AH
Air Force 1980 S. Craig Taylor, Kevin Zucker Battleline
Alexander the Great 1974 E. Gary Gygax Guidon
Alpha Omega 1979 Steven Peek Battleline
Amoeba Wars 1981 G. Donner AH
Anzio 1969 D. Williams AH
Anzio, 2nd edition 1971 D. Williams AH
Anzio, 3rd edition 1974 D. Williams AH
Anzio, 4th edition 1978 D. Williams AH
Arab-Israeli Wars 1977 S. Carus AH
Assassin 1994 Chris Baylis Chris Baylis
Atlantic Storm 1997 Ben Knight
Attack Sub 1991 Courtney F. Allen AH
Auction 19??   3M (High Bid)
B-17, Queen of the Skies 1983 Glen Frank On Target
Bali 19?? ? ?
Bar Wars 19?? ? ?
Baseball Strategy 1973 Tom Shaw
Basketball Strategy 19??
Battle for Italy 1983 Kevin Zucker OSG
Battle of the Bulge '64 1964 L. Pinsky, Tom Shaw AH
Battle of the Bulge '81 1981 B. Sinigaglio, Mick Uhl AH
Battle of the Bulge 1991 S. Craig Taylor AH
Beat Inflation Strategy Game, The 1975 AH
Beyond Valor 1985 Don Greenwood, Bob McNamara AH
Bismarck 1962 Charles Roberts, Tom Shaw AH
Bismarck 1979 Jack Greene Jr., Mick Uhl AH
Bitter Woods 1998 Randy Heller AH
Black Magic Ritual Kit 1974
Black Spy 1981 Alan R. Moon Hexagames
Blackbeard 1992 Richard Berg AH
Blind Justice 1989 Dyer, Katz
Blitzkrieg 1965 L. Pinsky, Tom Shaw AH
Blitzkrieg 1975 L. Pinsky, Tom Shaw AH
Book of Lists Game 1979 D. Wallechinsky, I. Wallace AH
Bowl Bound 1978? Dr. Thomas R. Nicely
Breakout: Normandy 1993 Don Greenwood, J.Stahler AH
Britannia 1986 Lew Pulsipher Gibsons
Bull Run 1983 Richard Hamblen AH
Bureaucracy 1981 Bruce Spitz
Business Strategy 1973
By Hook or By Crook 1991 Klaus Teuber F.X. Schmid
C&O, B&O 1960 Tom Shaw AH
Caesar's Epic Battle of Alesia 1976 R. Bradley Bradley
Caesar's Legions 1975 Loren Wiseman, Don Greenwood GDW
Candidate 1991 Richard Winter
Chancellorsville 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Chancellorsville 1974 Randall C. Reed AH
Choice 1968 ?
Circus Maximus 1980 Michael Matheny AH
Civil War 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Civilization 1981 Francis G. Tresham Gibsons
Class Struggle 19??
Classic Statis Pro Baseball 19??
Code of Bushido 1991 Bob MacNamara AH
Collector, The 1977 3M (High Bid)
Colonial Diplomacy 1995 P. Hawes
Conquistador, S&T#58 1983 Richard Berg SPI
Cosmic Paternity Suit 19?? ? ?
Croix de Guerre 1992 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
D-Day 1961 Charles Roberts AH
D-Day 1965 L. Pinsky AH
D-Day 1977 J. Stahler AH
D-Day 1991 S. Craig Taylor AH
Dark Emperor 1985 Greg Costikyan AH
Daughters of Darkness 19?? ? ?
Dauntless 1981 S. Craig Taylor Battleline
Decathlon 1984
Deluxe Diplomacy 1993 Alan Calhamer Games Research
Deluxe Runequest 19?? Chaosium
Devil's Den 1985 D. Martin, L. Millman OSG
Dilemmas 19?? ? ?
Dinosaurs of the Lost World 1987 Mick Uhl AH
Diplomacy 1976 Allan Calhamer Games Research
Dispatcher 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Doomed Battalions 1998 AH
Dorastor 19?? ? ?
Down with the King 1981 Glenn & Kenneth Rahman AH
Dragon Pass 1984 Greg Stafford, R. Corbett Chaosium
Dragonhunt 1982 G. Donner AH
Drinkers Wild 19?? Gamma II
Dune 1979 Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olotka AH Eurogames/Jeux Descartes
Elric 1984 Greg Stafford, Charlie Krank Chaosium
Empire of the Rising Sun 1995 T. Abrahamsen, D. Casper AH
Empires in Arms 1986 Harry Rowlands, Greg Pinder ADG
Enemy in Sight 1988 Neal Schlaffer AH
Executive Decision 1981 Sid Sackson 3M
Facts in Five 1976 3M
Feudal 1973 Fred Buetschler 3M
Firepower 1984 S. Craig Taylor AH
Flat Top 1981 S. Craig Taylor Battleline
Flight Leader 1986 Gary "Mo" Morgan AH
Football Strategy 1972 Tom Shaw AH
For the People 1998 Mark Herman AH
Foreign Exchange 1979
Fortress Europa 1980 J. Edwards Jedko
France 1940 1972 James F. Dunnigan AH
Frederick the Great 1981 Frank Davis, E. Curran SPI
Freedom in the Galaxy 1981 Richard Berg, Howie Barasch SPI
Fury in the West 1981 Steve Peek Battleline
Game of Slang 19?? Tom Shaw
Game of Trivia 1981 Bruce Shelley
Gangsters 1992 Don Greenwood Ludod´┐Żlire
Geronimo 1995 Richard Berg AH
Gettysburg 1958 Charles Roberts AH
Gettysburg 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Gettysburg '64 1964 Charles Roberts AH
Gettysburg '77 1977 Mick Uhl AH
Gettysburg '88 1988 S. Craig Taylor AH
Gettysburg 1989 AH
Gladiator 1981 M. Matheny
Global Survival 1996
Gold 1981 A. Teck
Greed 19??
Griffin Island 19?? ? ?
Guadalcanal 1966 T. Schutz, L. Pinsky AH
Guadalcanal 1992 Alt, S. Craig Taylor AH
Guerilla 1994 Neal Schlaffer
Gung Ho! 1992 Don Greenwood, S. Swann AH
Guns of August 1981 Frank Davis, Robert Beyma AH
Gunslinger 1983 Richard Hamblen AH
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage 1996 Mark Simonitch AH
Haunted Ruins, The 19?? ? ?
Hedgerow Hell 1987 D. Martin, C. Kibler, Don Greenwood AH
Here come the Rebels! 1993 Joseph Balkoski
Hexagony 1980 Ken Hodkinson Ken Hodkinson Kenterprises
History of the World 1993 Steve Kendall Ragnar
Hitler's War 1984 K. Gross Metagaming
Hollow Legions 1989 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
Hundred Days Battles 1983 Kevin Zucker, Tom Walczyk OSG
Icebergs 19?? Tom Wham
IDF (Israeli Defence Force) 1993 J. Day
Image 1979 3M
Intern 1979
Journeys of St. Paul 1968 Rev. Eugene Dougherty
Jutland 1967 James F. Dunnigan AH
Jutland 1974 Randall C. Reed AH
Kampfgruppe Peiper I 1993 Don Greenwood, P. Leonard AH
Kampfgruppe Peiper II 1996 Don Greenwood, P. Leonard AH
Kingmaker 1976 Andrew McNeil Ariel
Knights of the Air 1987 Mick Uhl AH
Knights of the Round Table 19??
Kremlin 1988 Urs Hostettler Fata Morgana
Kriegspiel 1970 Tom Shaw AH
Last Hurrah, The 1988 R. Martin, B. Martuzas, Don Greenwood AH
Le Mans 1961 Tom Shaw AH
Legend of Robin Hood 1980 Joseph Bisio OSG
Legends of Robin Hood, The 1991 Courtney F. Allen
Little Round Top 1982 L. Millman OSG
London's Burning 1996 Ben Knight
Longest Day, The 1980 Randall C. Reed AH
Lords of Terror 19?? ? ?
Luck or Logic 19?? ? ?
Luftwaffe 1971 Lou Zocchi AH
MBT (Main Battle Tank) 1989 J. Day AH
Machiavelli 1980 S. Craig Taylor, James B Wood Battleline
Magic Realm 1979 Richard Hamblen AH
Maharaja 1994 Craig Sandercock AH Eurogames/Jeux Descartes
March Madness 1990 R. Winter, B. Toole, S. Thompson
Merchant of Venus 1988 Richard Hamblen AH
Midway 1964 T. Schutz, L. Pinsky AH
Midway 1992 S. Craig Taylor AH
Monster Coliseum 19?? ? ?
Monsters Ravage America! 1998 J.C. Connors, Ben Knight AH
Moonstar 1981 Alex Randolph
Mustangs 1992 S. Craig Taylor
Mystic Wood 1982 Terrence Donelly Gibsons
Napoleon 1977 Tom Dalgliesh Gamma II/Columbia
Napoleon at Bay 1983 Kevin Zucker OSG
Napoleon's Battles 1989 S. Craig Taylor AH
Naval War 1983 N. Zimmerer, S. Craig Taylor Battleline
New World 1990 Derek Carver SPI
Nieuchess 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Objective Atlanta 19?? ?
Od 1986 David Tennes
Oh-Wah-Ree 1976 Alex Randolph 3M
On to Richmond 1998 Joseph Balkoski AH
Origins of World War Two 1971 James F. Dunnigan AH
Outdoor Survival 1973 James F. Dunnigan
Pacific Theatre Via Midway 1979 Alan R. Moon AH
Panzer Armee Afrika 1982 James F. Dunnigan SPI
Panzer Blitz 1970 James F. Dunnigan AH
Panzer Leader 1974 Randall C. Reed, Clark, Smith AH
Panzergruppe Guderian 1984 James F. Dunnigan SPI
Panzerkrieg 1983 John Prados OSG
Paratrooper 1986 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
Partisan! 1987 Don Greenwood AH
Past Lives 1988 Brad Geagley, Benest, Sherin
Patton's Best 1987 B. Shelley AH
Pay Dirt 1994
Pegasus Bridge 1997
(SI) Pennant Race 1983 Joseph Balkoski AH
Peter Principle, The 1981 Laurence J. Peter
Platoon 1987 S. Craig Taylor AH
Point of Law 1979 M. Lipman
Powers and Perils 1983  
Princess Ryan's Star Marines 1997 Mark McLaughlin
Pro Golf 1984
Pro Tennis 1984
Puzzle Stick Game 1981
Raid on St. Nazaire 1987 Rob Markham, M. Scaman AH
Rail Baron 1977 T. Erickson
Red Barricades 1990 C. Kibler AH
Regatta 1979 Frank Thibault 3M
Reich Stuff, The 19?? ? ?
Republic of Rome 1990 Richard M. Berthold, Robert Haines AH Eurogames/Jeux Descartes
Richthofen's War 1972 Randall C. Reed AH
River of Cradles 19?? ? ?
Road Kill 1993 Dan Verssen, Don Greenwood AH
Roads to Gettysburg 1994 Joseph Balkoski AH
Russian Campaign, The 1976 J. Edwards Jedko
Russian Front 1985 N. Zimmerer AH
Samurai 1980 Dan Campagna Battleline
Sex Quest 19??
Sexual Q&A 19??
Shakespeare 1966
Showbiz 19?? Derek Carver Prestige
Siege of Jerusalem 1988 S. Weiss, F. Schachter Historical Perspectives
Slang! 19??
Slapshot 1982 Tom Dalgliesh White Wind
Sleuth 1981 Sid Sackson 3M
Smokers Wild 1978 C. Forward, G. Rogers, Tom Dagliesh Gamma II
Snakepipe Hollow 19?? ? ?
Source of the Nile 1979 Ross W. Maker, Dave Wesely Discovery
Speed Circuit 1977 3M
Spices of the World 1988 R. Martin AH
Squad Leader 1977 John Hill AH Multi-Man
Stalingrad 1963 L. Schutz, Tom Shaw AH
Stalingrad 1974 L. Schutz, Tom Shaw AH
Stick Puzzle Game 1981
Starship Troopers 1976 Randall C. Reed AH
Starship Troopers 1997 Ben Knight AH
Statis Pro Baseball 1980 1980
Statis Pro Baseball 1982
Statis Pro Baseball 1985 1985
Statis Pro Basketball '93 1993
Statis Pro Basketball 1994
Statis Pro Football 1980 Annually till 1991.
Statis Great Teams Baseball 19??
Stellar Conquest 1984 Howard Thompson Metagaming
Stock Market Game 1964 3M
Stock Market Guru 1997
Stocks & Bonds 1964 Hooper, Naffzinger, Hoffman
Stonewall Jackson's Way 1992 Joseph Balkoski AH
Stonewall in the Valley 1995 Joseph Balkoski AH
Stonewall's Last Battle 1996 Joseph Balkoski? AH
Storm Over Arnhem 1981 Courtney F. Allen AH
Streets of Fire 1985 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
Struggle of Nations 1982 Kevin Zucker AH
Submarine 1977 Steve Peek Battleline
Successors: Alexander's Empire 1997 Richard Berg AH
Sun County 19??
Superstar Baseball 1978 19??
TV Wars 1992 B. Nash
Tac Air 1988 Gary "Mo" Morgan AH
Tactics 1952 Charles Roberts AH
Tactics 1983 Charles Roberts AH
Tactics II 1958 Charles Roberts AH
Tactics II 1961 Charles Roberts AH
Tactics II 1972 Charles Roberts AH
Tales from the Floating Vagabond 19??
Third Reich 1974 John Prados AH
Third Reich 1975 John Prados AH
Third Reich 1980 John Prados AH
Third Reich 1981 John Prados AH
Thunder at Cassino 1987 Courtney F. Allen
Titan 1982 Jason B. McAllister, David A. Trampier Gorgonstar
Titan: the Arena 1997 Reiner Knizia Piatnik
Title Bout 1979 J. & T. Trunzo
Tobruk 1975 H. Hock, Randall C. Reed AH
Trireme 1980 Ed Smith, Arnold Hendrick Decalset, Battleline
Tuf 1969
Tufabet 1969
Turning Point: Stalingrad 1989 Don Greenwood AH
Twixt 1976 Alex Randolph 3M
Tycoon 19??
Tyranno Ex 1992 Karl-Heinz Schmiel Moskito
U-Boat 1959 Charles Roberts AH
U-Boat 1961 Charles Roberts AH
UFO 1978 Tom Dagleish Gamma Two
USAC Auto Racing 1979
Up Front 1983 Courtney F. Allen AH
Venture 1982 Sid Sackson 3M
Verdict 1959 Charles Roberts, Nissel, Theim AH
Verdict 1960 Charles Roberts, Nissel, Theim AH
Victory in the Pacific 1977 Richard Hamblen AH
Vikings 19?? ? ?
War and Peace 1980 Mark McLaughlin AH
War at Sea 1976 J. Edwards Jedko
War at Sea II 1980 Alan R. Moon Jedko
Watch for Falling Rock 19??
Waterloo 1962 L. Schutz, Tom Shaw AH
We the People 1994 Mark Herman AH
West of Alamein 1988 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
Where's George 19??
Win, Place, and Show 1966 Thomas M. Divoll, John B. Reilly 3M
Witchcraft Ritual Kit 1974 Jennings?
Wizards 1982 Thomas & Carol Mosbo
Wizard's Quest 1980 G. Donner
Wooden Ships and Iron Men 1975 S. Craig Taylor Battleline
Word Power 1967
Wrasslin' 1990 Bruce Harper
Yanks 1987 Don Greenwood, Bob MacNamara AH
Year of the Lord 1968 Rev. Eugene Dougherty
Yellowstone 1985

Expansions and Role-playing Modules

TitleYearDesignerOriginally byLater Publisher
Advanced Civilization1991Bruce HarperAH
Apple Lane19????
Civilization Western Expansion19??
Crescendo of Doom1979Don GreenwoodAH
Cross of Iron1978John Hill, Don GreenwoodAH
Dune - Spice Harvest1984Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter OlotkaAHEurogames/Jeux Descartes
Dune - the Duel1984Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter OlotkaAHEurogames/Jeux Descartes
Elder Secrets19????
GI: Anvil of Victory1982Don GreenwoodAH
Gods of Glorantha19????
Human Adventurer Supplement, The19????
Kremlin - the Revolution1988??
Mustangs Expansion Kit1994??
Napoleon's Battles Expansion I1990?AH
Napoleon's Battles Expansion II1994?AH
Non-Human Adventurer Supplement19????
Richthofen's War Maneuver Cards19???AH
Shadows on the Borderland19????
Solitaire ASL1995C. KiblerAH
Strangers in Prax19????
Troll Gods19????
Up Front: Banzai1984Courtney F. AllenAH
Up Front: Desert War1989D. Hawthorne, Neal SchlafferAH
We the People: Expansion Cards19??Mark HermanAH
Weirder Tales from the Floating Vagabond: A Space Opera19??

Victory Games Label

2nd Fleet1986Joseph Balkoski
3rd Fleet1990Joseph Balkoski
5th Fleet1989Joseph Balkoski
7th Fleet1987Joseph Balkoski
18091984Kevin Zucker
Across Five Aprils1992Eric Lee Smith
Aegean Strike1986Mark Herman
Ambush!1983Eric Smith, John Butterfield
Ambush - Move Out1984J. Reiser
Ambush - Purple Heart1985J. Reiser
Ambush - Silver Star1987P. Fasoldt
Battle Hymn1986J. Reiser
Battle Hymn - Leatherneck1988J. Reiser
Bull Run19???
Carrier1987Jon Southard
Central America1987J. McQuaid, Mark Herman, M. Moore
Civil War, The1984Eric Lee Smith
Cold War1987L. Glynn, John Prados
Dr. Ruth's Game of Good Sex1986Michael Moore
Flash Point: Golan1992Mark Herman
France 19441986Mark Herman
Game of Good Cooking19???
Gulf Strike1983Mark Herman
Gulf Strike - Desert Shield19??Mark Herman
Hell's Highway1983John Butterfield
James Bond 0071986Gerry Klug, Gregory Gordon, Neil Randall, Robert Kern
James Bond 007 - Bond Assault Boxed game19???
James Bond 007 - Dr. No19???
James Bond 007 - For Your Eyes Only19???
James Bond 007 - For Your Information19???
James Bond 007 - Gamemaster Pack1986Gerry Klug, Gregory Gordon, Neil Randall, Robert Kern
James Bond 007 - Goldfinger 1983 ?
James Bond 007 - Goldfinger II19???
James Bond 007 - Live and Let Die19???
James Bond 007 - Man With the Golden Gun, The19???
James Bond 007 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service19???
James Bond 007 - Octopussy19???
James Bond 007 - Q Manual1986Gerry Klug, Gregory Gordon, Neil Randall, Robert Kern
James Bond 007 - Thrilling Locations19???
James Bond 007 - View to a Kill, A19???
James Bond 007 - Villains Source Book19???
James Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice19???
James Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice II19???
Korean War, The1986Joseph Balkoski
Lee vs. Grant1988Joseph Balkoski
Look at the Schmuck on that Camel1995Wilbur W. Pierce
Mosby's Raiders1985Eric Lee Smith
NATO1983Bruce Maxwell, R. Trup
Nightmare on Elm Street, A1987R. Ryer
Omaha Beachead1987Joseph Balkoski
Open Fire1988Gerry Klug
Pacific War1985Mark Herman
Panzer Command1984Eric Lee Smith
Pax Britannica1985Greg Costikyan
Pea Ridge19???
Peloponnesian War1991Mark Herman
Shell Shock1990J. Reiser
Sixth Fleet1985Joseph Balkoski
Tokyo Express1988Jon Southard
Vietnam: 1965-751984Nick Karp


All-Star Replay19??-19??Sports Games
The General1964-1998Wargames
Girl's Life19??-19??

The Avalon Hill Game Company's history spanned four-decades and there is a great deal of information to reconstruct. Any errors or omissions only indicate that we do not have the proper data. Additions and corrections are most appreciated.


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