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Napoleonics - scales and rules - update

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Norm Smith, in his Battlefields and Warriors blog, continues on his project of choosing one scale and a 'go to' set of rules for Napoleonics. In this post, he's comparing Valour & Fortitude (…feels like a slicker application of [Black Powder], which I like.), versus Shadow of the Eagles (…has a whiff of old school charm about it, which I also like.). And as to scale: "…I do wonder whether deciding on a scale will finally simply come down to a case of mind over heart or heart over mind!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 3/10/2023

Edward visits Piggy Longton 1472

Spotlight Article Graphic

"... Edward (Yorkist rival for the throne) is on his way to Piggy Longton for ‘discussions’ with Lord Darcy." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, has the pot stirring for more Piggy Longton action. How does Darcy's meeting with "the other side" go: "If that was intended to pacify Edward, it spectacularly failed..."!

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 3/3/2023

Attack on West Rottington 1472

Spotlight Article Graphic

"The devils shall payeth a price f'r their deeds...". Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, brings us an action packed report on Lord Darcy's response to the raid on Beacan Farm! Join Norm for the tale and pictures of his excellent miniatures as the clash unfolds: "It wasn’t long before Yorkist contingents were pouring onto the battlefield, but they were met by deadly volleys from the Lancastrian archers."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 2/22/2023

Making a List and Checking It Thrice

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Having just reported on the completion of my Joust for the Fun of It rules, ... came up with the bright idea that I could also play it using the 1:20 scale Schleich toy knights." Ed, in his Ed M's Wargames Meanderings blog, is pursuing fun with his home brew jousting rules. Check out what he's up to: "Towards these ends, I have been hitting ebay hard...".

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 2/20/2023

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Six Strategy Videos for Falling Sky

The famous Gallic Wars was the make-or-break effort that defined the fortunes of Julius Caesar. If he could defeat the Germanic barbarians who lived in what we now call France, he could go back to Rome a conquering hero. If not, he would be a forgotten nobody. Six videos chronicle the strategies of the major Gallic forces at play, differentiating future Belgians, Burgundians, and Celts against the invading Romans. Can you repeat the desperate gambles that Caesar made to win an Empire? Or will Vercingetorix finally get his revenge?

A Close Look at a Neglected Gem

Long overdue review of Victory Games' "Central America: America's Backyard War", written by Mark D.. In depth review covering rules, game features, and scenarios (one of the highlights of the game). Editor's note: I've been playing this game again after a long, long time, so I felt this article was worth re-publishing to maybe spark interest in the game...

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman (updated)

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Editor's note added on 5/15/2021.

Higlanders - Scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975

Experimental scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975 created and shared by Mark D'Agosta.

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Game: Stilicho: Last of the Romans


Publisher: Hollandspiele
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Robert DeLeskie
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The Goths are marching on Rome! In Gaul, Vandals and Alans pour across the Rhine. Meanwhile, a usurper from distant Britannia has raised his standard. The survival of the Western Empire depends on one man: Flavius Stilicho, barbarian general, commander-in-chief of the armies of Rome, and defacto ruler of the West. STILICHO: LAST OF THE ROMANS is the long-anticipated follow-up to designer Robert DeLeskie's popular and challenging solitaire game WARS OF MARCUS AURELIUS. The brain-boiling card angst and nail-biting combats that made that game so compelling are back, along with some new wrinkles that make for a more challenging and nuanced decision space. For example, the Surge mechanism that caused so many gamers to invent new curse words is now more nefarious, with each enemy card having specific surge effects. Rome's enemies sometimes bump into each other, resulting in enemy-on-enemy battles. Regions might go into revolt, garrisons might defect to the banner of the pretender Constantine III, and the wily courtier Olympius might turn the emperor Honorius against you. No wonder the historical Stilicho only lasted until turn 3! If you want to win, you'll have to last much longer than that, all while taking on tougher and more resilient enemies than poor Marcus had to face, and with less resources at your disposal. Will you prevent the sack of Rome and the fall of the Western Empire?


Article ID
Pub Date
Article Description
Date: 2/6/2023
Poster: Dave Belton
The Beautiful Boards of Wargaming! – Stilicho: Last of the Romans from Hollandspiele

Can you avoid the disasters that doomed a high-flying Roman General during the heyday of the mighty Roman Empire? In Stilicho: Last of the Romans, the player must survive various political and military intrigues. This article by Grant Kleinhenz, discuses not only this intriguing game, but also the beauty of the board itself.
Date: 6/5/2022
Poster: Pat L.
Top 6! Solitaire Games of 2020 (video)

Game enthusiast Wayne Hansen discusses 6 solitaire games published in 2019-2020 that he enjoyed playing. His video includes components, game play, and his concise reviews. War game players who enjoy solitaire games will want to check out this list including: Ostkrieg: WWII Eastern Front, Space Infantry Resurgence, The First Jihad: The Rise of Islam 632-750, Stilicho: Last of the Romans (an update and improvement of The Wars of Marcus Aurelius), Chancellorsville 1863, and The Shores of Tripoli plus others mentioned as runners up. In short, a nice summary of the state of the art of solitaire war games as of 2020.
Date: 12/14/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Insights and Impressions for Stilicho: Last of the Romans

Swords and Chits gives us their insights and impressions of Stilicho: Last of the Romans published by Hollandspiele. "There’s not much more I can say about this game other than it exceeded my expectations. Was I anticipating fun? Absolutely, especially with how much I’ve enjoyed revisiting the Wars of Marcus Aurelius in recent weeks prior to this play. But it somehow feels like the same game while being vastly different, which is a great thing. Because if they were too similar, I’d be forced to choose just one to keep, one to play, and one to recommend. And now, well, I feel like I can already do that with both."
Date: 11/18/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Stilicho: Last of the Romans from Hollandspiele – Action Point 3

The Players Aid brings us Action Point 3 in their series on Stilicho: Last of the Romans fromHollandspiele. In this Action Point, they cover the Roman Phase and examine how cards are discarded to take one of nine different actions.
Date: 11/10/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Stilicho: Last of the Romans from Hollandspiele – Action Point 2

The Players Aid does a wonderful job with their informative Action Point series and the latest, Action Point 2, covering Stilicho: Last of the Romans from Hollandspiele, examines the cards in both the Roman and Enemy decks.
Date: 9/7/2020
Poster: Doug Holt
Interview with Robert DeLeskie Designer of Stilicho: Last of the Romans from Hollandspiele

"I really wanted to put the player in Stilicho’s shoes and make them feel the almost overwhelming mix of political and military factors he, or anyone in his position, was up against." Grant Kleinhenz interviews designer Robert DeLeskie about his Hollandspiele Games' Stilicho: Last of the Romans, which follows his well-received Wars of Marcus Aurelius. Check out how Robert intends the new game to tap into the same vein, yet deliver something new: "Overall, I feel Stilicho is a logical refinement of The Wars of Marcus Aurelius. It’s also quite a bit harder!"