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Epic Project Part II - Painting Figures

Spotlight Article Graphic

"The first intention was a disaster." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, continues his Napoleonic project, this time mainly focused on painting strategy. Check out what worked, and what didn't; and how, in the end, Norm has "...no doubt my newly painted Prussian 1st Battalion will perform heroic deeds!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/27/2023

Creating a pair of Epic Pocket Armies - new project

Spotlight Article Graphic

Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, combines "...a ‘from scratch’ approach and the ‘want’ to play games along the way, rather than waiting for armies to be fully painted..." as inspiration for his new miniatures project. If you've got figures waiting on the shelf for paint, this might be your ticket, because for Norm, "...an important principle during the life of this project ... to get playing from day 1."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/20/2023

Best 3 Games with…Card Driven Games!

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...I contend that one of the origins of CDG’s was the fantastic Up Front from Avalon Hill." Grant Kleinhenz, in The Players' Aid, covers what he thinks are the best three Card Driven Games. See if you agree with his ranking, and check out which game "...makes me sweat, cringe, jump with joy and bite my fingernails."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/11/2023

Putting rules (napoleonic) to the test.

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...the old saying of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ springs to mind." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, brings us some interesting ruminations from a Napoleonic rule set comparison. Join Norm for some insights and excellent miniatures photos, and see why he ends up wondering "...about just how necessary, bigger, deeper and more thorough rule systems are compared to a simpler fun system - if both come up with a similar result and the result / narrative feels right, then more power to the fun set."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 8/9/2023

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PE TANG 1900 Q&A with Marco Campari

Some Q & A between myself and Marco Campari, designer of Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Strategy Tips

This is the strategy I developed after playing Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Optional Line of Sight Table

Here is an optional table to make it a little more difficult to eliminate the Boxer artillery.

PE TANG 1900 Introductory War Game Review

My review for this great introductory war game concerning an obscure siege of a cathedral during the Boxer Rebellion. Use this game to recruit new war game players.

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The Grognard Challenge

Can You Guess The Name of This Game???

Challenge #1142, Started on 01 Oct 2023

(Select your choice from the options below the graphics)

Grognard Challenge: Units Image #1

Grognard Challenge: Map Image #1

Grognard Challenge: Units Image #2

Grognard Challenge: Map Image #2


Comments (Optional - Max 512 characters) - Keep it civil; keep it clean; these comments will appear next to your name in next week's results list.

Results for the Last Grognard.com Challenge

Last Week's Challenge Winner (Game #1141) - Jeff Muniz

Buy Hapsburg Eclipse from Noble Knight Games

In the last Challenge, there were 39 correct answers, but this time Jeff Muniz was the first to register a correct guess, identifying Hapsburg Eclipse (Victory Point Games).

Congratulations to Jeff Muniz on Grognard Challenge win #36!

You can search for Hapsburg Eclipse with Noble Knight Games and you can also find all the Grognard.com articles here.

Good luck to everyone with the new Challenge!

Thanks for participating in the Grognard Challenge!
-The Grognard Team


Well done and, for those not in first place, hope you finish higher next time! New Challenge files may be published at any time between 12:01AM to 11:59PM each Sunday (U.S. Eastern Time), so please submit your guesses before 11:59 PM of the following Saturday, and check back often on Sundays for the Challenge results, and the new Challenge images.

An ordered list of Challengers making correct guesses in the 24 Sep 2023 Challenge (1141) follows:

* Grognard.com is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to Admin @grognard.com and it will be removed as soon as possible.
#Challenger NameResp Time (PST)Challenger Comment *
1Jeff Muniz9/24/2023 3:00:16 PM
2koen schoonjans9/24/2023 3:00:38 PM
3Gareth Scott9/24/2023 3:00:50 PM
4Thomas Heaney9/24/2023 3:16:43 PM
5Dave Smith9/24/2023 3:18:44 PM
6Alejandro Calle9/24/2023 3:24:59 PM
7Christine Van Schultz9/24/2023 3:25:16 PM
8Attilio Tribuzi9/24/2023 3:27:02 PM
9David Mathieson 9/24/2023 3:32:45 PM
10Tony Jimenez9/24/2023 3:43:15 PM
11Terence Andrews9/24/2023 3:48:00 PM
12Dennis Beauchamp9/24/2023 3:56:45 PMStates of siege looking. Victory Point Games looking. Lions rebound today?
13Kevin Donovan9/24/2023 3:57:32 PM
14Steven Rauch9/24/2023 3:58:54 PM
15Robert Fix9/24/2023 4:05:09 PM
16Lionel Teed9/24/2023 4:10:50 PMNo comments until Matt's 10th spot posting. David wins by 1:28, close but not as close as prior wins. Mr.Golabek was perhaps watching a Lion's game? For Mr. Moses, I have learned from past ventures that it is best to have a spare..as in spare lawnmower! Mr. Beauchamps claim to own an AH game is equally joined by me, though the oldest Game I have dates to the mid 60's, but I bought it used so I am not that old! And for trimming Mr. Hawkins I use a Stihl KMA 135R with the Hedge Trimmer or the chain saw attach
17John Vinal9/24/2023 4:30:11 PM
18Mochara Caraher9/24/2023 4:31:34 PM
19Henry Golabek9/24/2023 4:47:01 PM
20Paul Poon9/24/2023 5:28:27 PM
21Fred Mottern9/24/2023 5:54:59 PM
22Royce Reiss9/24/2023 6:05:07 PM
23Gary Wishik9/24/2023 6:07:22 PM
24Gary Logs9/24/2023 6:09:25 PM
25Lee Balsiger9/24/2023 6:17:19 PM
26Phillip Campbell9/24/2023 7:15:14 PM
27Robert Lesco9/24/2023 8:08:02 PM
28Mark Marychurch9/24/2023 9:02:30 PM
29R L Moses9/24/2023 9:23:54 PMThis week’s game should not be confused with a celestial event, though as a State of Siege game, it may remind Mr. Teed of lawn work. Here’s hoping his trip to hospital was not as serious as it sounds. For Mr. Daniel Jones of the New York Giants, the name of the game could harken back to his feelings when facing recent pass rushes and dealing with a hapless offensive line.
30Gary Pickett9/24/2023 9:24:39 PM
31David Gardey9/24/2023 10:31:33 PM
32Warren Brehm9/24/2023 11:31:13 PM
33Don Timian9/25/2023 1:09:06 AM
34James Engler9/25/2023 1:48:42 AM
35John Careklas9/25/2023 2:24:41 AM
36Louis Kolkman9/25/2023 9:21:16 AM
37Eric Iven9/25/2023 5:42:08 PM
38David Chauvel9/26/2023 7:42:18 AM
39Matt Kiriazis10/1/2023 3:12:27 AMFollowing up my Top 10 finish last week with this WW1 SWAG. Great NFL news as the Detroit Lions won twice this past week with outstanding defense against the Falcons and the Packers, thus taking the early lead atop the NFC North. Is this SWAG the last correct answer of this week?
* Grognard.com is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to Admin @grognard.com and it will be removed as soon as possible.

An ordered list of Challengers making INCORRECT guesses

* Grognard.com is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to Admin @grognard.com and it will be removed as soon as possible.
#Challenger NameResp Time (PST)Challenger Comment *
1Terry Yoder9/24/2023 3:23:10 PM
2Dan Hawkins9/24/2023 3:24:02 PMI have no idea but it looks interesting!
3Stephen Leiter9/24/2023 4:39:15 PMcut and paste counters = vae victis
* Grognard.com is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to Admin @grognard.com and it will be removed as soon as possible.

Challenge History

Top "25" All-Time Challenge Winners

Here are the top 25, and anyone else who has as many wins as number 25.

Challenge Winner# of Challenges Won
Gareth Scott67
Kim Meints51
Elias Nordling49
Bill Bruno48
Allan Rothberg45
Koen Schoonjans44
Kevin Donovan40
Alejandro Calle38
Jeff Muniz36
Javier Romero27
Thomas Heaney25
Robert Fix23
Stephen Mrenna23
Eric Iven18
Mike Welsh16
Richard Fluck15
Gary Logs14
Paul Poon14
Tom Collipi14
Thomas Sobczak13
David Niday12
Julian Barker12
Mochara Caraher12
Thomas Margraf12
Gary Wishik10

Past Winners of the Grognard.com Challenges

Here's a complete list of Challenge winners, starting from day #1. The only information missing now is the actual dates of the first 30 Challenges. If anyone has this information, please let me know and I'll gladly update the database.

12345678910111213141516...Last -->>
Challenge IDChallenge DateWinner NameGame NamePublisher Name
11419/24/2023Jeff MunizHapsburg EclipseVictory Point Games
11409/17/2023David Mathieson Air StrikeGDW
11399/10/2023Eric IvenGettysburg: Badges of CourageColumbia Games
11389/3/2023Gareth ScottThe Battle of WakefieldRBM Studio
11378/27/2023David Mathieson IroncladsYaquinto
11368/20/2023Eric IvenTime of CrisisGMT Games
11358/13/2023Thomas HeaneyAll is Lost Save HonourEuropa Simulazioni
11348/6/2023Ron FredaAfrika: 2nd EditionMulti-Man Publishing
11337/30/2023Jeff MunizVon Manstein's TriumphNAC Wargames
11327/23/2023Terry GraffGreat War at Sea: The MediterraneanAvalanche Press
11317/16/2023Jeff MunizHueMayfair
11307/9/2023Alejandro CalleWaterloo 1815: Fallen EaglesHexasim
11297/2/2023David Mathieson Fleet Commander: NimitzDan Verssen Games
11286/25/2023Jeff MunizUnconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe GMT Games
11276/18/2023Jeff MunizLandships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918Clash of Arms
11266/11/2023Alejandro CalleRoads to GettysburgAvalon Hill
11256/4/2023koen schoonjansSomme 1918: Bloody SpringNuts! Publishing
11245/28/2023Jeff MunizHornet LeaderGMT Games
11235/21/2023Jeff MunizDays of Battle: Golan HeightsVictory Point Games
11225/14/2023Stewart NewmanThe Great Battles of Alexander: Macedonian Art of WarGMT Games
11215/7/2023John VinalParis vaut bien une Messe! Les Guerres de Religion 1562-1598Vae Victis
11204/30/2023Thomas HeaneyThe Lost Valley – The Siege of Dien Bien PhuWhite Dog Games
11194/23/2023Thomas HeaneyShifting Sands: The Campaign for North Africa 1940-1943Multi-Man Publishing
11184/16/2023koen schoonjansUkraine '43: The Soviet Summer Offensive Against Army Group SouthGMT Games
11174/9/2023Stewart NewmanVerdun 1916: Steel InfernoFellowship of Simulations
11164/2/2023Matt KiriazisFulda Gap: The First Battle of the Next WarSPI
11153/26/2023Gareth ScottHere Come the RebelsAvalon Hill
11143/19/2023Fred MotternNapoleon at Bay: The Campaign in France, 1814Avalon Hill
11133/12/2023Doug MannSteel Wolves: The German Submarine Campaign Against Allied Shipping – Vol 1Compass Games
11123/5/2023Gary WishikTurning Point: StalingradAvalon Hill
11112/26/2023Jeff MunizThe Western Front: 1914 to 1918Schroeder Publishing
11102/19/2023Kevin DonovanSuez '56: Anglo-French Intervention in EgyptDecision Games
11092/12/2023Matt KiriazisA House Divided: War Between the States 1861-65GDW
11082/5/2023CHIAVERI RICCARDOLigny 1815: Last EaglesHexasim
11071/29/2023Alejandro CalleSweden Fights OnGMT Games
11061/22/2023Terry GraffD-Day at TarawaDecision Games
11051/15/2023Jeff MunizUndaunted: North AfricaOsprey Games
11041/8/2023Alejandro CalleArdennes '44: The Battle of the BulgeGMT Games
11031/1/2023Alejandro CalleWings of War: Watch Your Back!Edge Entertainment
110212/25/2022Alejandro CalleThe Fulda Gap: The Battle for the CenterCompass Games
110112/18/2022Mark GossNapoleon at LeipzigAGEMA
110012/11/2022Thomas HeaneyBattle Hymn Vol. 1: Gettysburg and Pea RidgeCompass Games
109912/4/2022David GardeySPQRGMT Games
109811/27/2022koen schoonjansCombat Commander PacificGMT Games
109711/20/2022Ron FredaBlue Water NavyCompass Games
109611/13/2022Alejandro CalleTunisiaMulti-Man Publishing
109511/6/2022Gary LogsWinged Horse: Campaigns in Vietnam, 1965-66 Decision Games
109410/30/2022Robert FixVictory at MidwayXTR
109310/23/2022Don TimianAgincourtGMT Games
109210/16/2022Jeff MunizHoly Roman Empire: The Thirty-Years WarOne Small Step
12345678910111213141516...Last -->>