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Part 3. The History of The Avalon Hill Game Company 1971-1977

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Another installment by Legendary Tactics covering the history of The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC). Several classic and enduring titles were published during this period.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 5/21/2024

Part 2. The History of The Avalon Hill Game Company 1964-1970

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Legendary Tactics YouTube Channel continues to chronicle the history of Avalon Hill. In Part 2, he looks at the early years of the company, and the growing pains that came along with it.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 5/4/2024

Part 1. The Origins of The Avalon Hill Game Company 1952-1963

Spotlight Article Graphic

The Avalon Hill Game Company is 72 years old this year and time to chronicle the history of Avalon Hill. In Part 1, Origins, we will look at the story of not only the establishment of a game company, but an industry and a hobby. Thanks to Legendary Tactics YouTube Channel for this great series.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 4/18/2024

Tributes pour in after death of award-winning veteran wargame designer Dean Essig

Spotlight Article Graphic

Mike Didymus-True, in BoardGameWire, brings us the sad news of the passing of designer Dean Essig.

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 4/1/2024

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Fast, simple, not expensive, little errata, but only reasonably fun. (War game Review)

In his review on BoardGameGeek, Brendan Whyte first turns a critical eye towards the components and rules and lists their shortcomings. Game play fares better: “…the game is fast and quite fun”. Whyte then goes into comprehensive details covering game mechanics and spares no criticism for the game opponent (AI). His discussion concerning solitaire board games vs solitaire computer games is very interesting.

PE TANG 1900 Q&A with Marco Campari

Some Q & A between myself and Marco Campari, designer of Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Strategy Tips

This is the strategy I developed after playing Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Optional Line of Sight Table

Here is an optional table to make it a little more difficult to eliminate the Boxer artillery.

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Game: Two Flags - One Nation


Publisher: Norman Smith
Game Type: Miniatures
Designer(s): Norm Smith
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These rules cover actions from the American Civil War 1861 - 1865, giving a relatively simple game typically with 2 – 4 brigades per side on a small table with a hexed surface.


Article ID
Pub Date
Article Description
Date: 3/29/2023
Poster: Doug Holt
Part 2 - Victory Hill scenario

"For a small game, the scenario(s) offered a lot of excitement as the minutiae of the rules made local things matter…"! Norm Smith, in Battlefields and Warriors, finishes his new scenario testing with some serious action: "…the attackers wrecked themselves assaulting into the face of canister…"!
Date: 3/17/2023
Poster: Doug Holt
Victory Hill (Cross Keys 1862)

"The Confederate line fires and all three of the Union regiments fall back with heavy casualties." Norm Smith, in Battlefields and Warriors, is putting together a new scenario for his Two Flags - One Nation Civil War rules. There's fun in the testing: "The Union flanks are close to being pushed off the table AND collapsing due to heavy casualties. Just one more push by the Confederates…"!
Date: 9/23/2022
Poster: Doug Holt
Jacob’s Hill - American Civil War

"The thing that was really striking about this outing was that such a good game, with plenty of twists, fell from just 6 units per side..."! Norm Smith, in Battlefields and Warriors, uses his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War miniatures rules to game out a scenario from the One-Hour Wargames book by Neil Thomas. Join Norm for great pictures and action: "…the 40th deal out murderous fire and the Zouaves fall back and to the shock of the Union commander, start to rout."
Date: 2/9/2022
Poster: Doug Holt
The fight for Figgins Farm 1863.

"...I was encouraged to get the new recruits to the table." Norm Smith, in Battlefields and Warriors, is working on a new scenario to use with his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War miniatures rules. Join Norm for the fun with the first playtest, including a random event: "…a fire takes hold of the farm building, forcing the Confederate cavalry to abandon their prize and fall back to safety…".
Date: 10/4/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
A return to Mill Creek (ACW)

"The battle had reached a finely balanced point. All the Confederates need at the moment to win is to capture the Union end of the bridge." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, brings us a replay of the ‘Action at Mill Creek’ scenario from his Two Flags - One Nation miniatures rules. Which way does the action tip? "A great cry of Huzzah! was heard from the bridge, what can it mean?"
Date: 8/16/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
Gettysburg Hexed!

"The two new rule areas sound quite simple, but they have a potential to have an exaggerated impact on the game...". Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, continues his Two Flags - One Nation miniatures rules adjustments, and takes them out for a test drive with the ACW McPherson’s Ridge scenario. Check out the action: "Nightmare! Another regiment already in the waterway fails that test and also leaves the table. A third regiment (already on 6 losses) also fails and retires back to Willoughby Run."
Date: 8/9/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
Converting TF-ON rules to non-hex

"Core design principles have been to favour fun over simulation, but with results and a flow of play reflecting the way that official accounts of battle often read, so that narrative is preserved." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, takes us along in his thought process as he converts his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War rules from hex to open table format. Check out a tabletop master's interesting insights, to include the basic perspective that "…often it will probably be more realistic to not let a unit do something than say it can just because it is not covered in the rules."
Date: 4/2/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
12mm McPherson’s Ridge 1863

"Will the Confederates hold on to their tasked objectives, or will they be thrown back by the Union wave of reinforcements?" Norm Smith, while working with his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War rules, brings us an interesting result in the McPherson’s Ridge scenario: "…in today’s playing, there was quite a one sided surprise. I don’t think I like those!"
Date: 2/8/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
1863 - Action at Mill Creek.

"This is a ‘the fastest with the mostest’ type scenario." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, has a tense replay with his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War rules. Plenty of photos of Norm's excellent miniatures and, of course, the action: "The pressure is really now on for the Union ...... where are those reinforcements!"
Date: 3/13/2019
Poster: Doug Holt
Fox Gap 1862 on a smaller grid

"…the plucky raw and small 5th North Carolina unit, even though taking 3 Heavy Casualties from the guns, stood its ground." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields and Warriors blog, gives us an action packed replay of the Fox Gap scenario using his Two Flags - One Nation ACW miniatures rules. Plenty of tension, unexpected die rolls, and "Then there was ‘one of those moments’…"
Date: 2/18/2019
Poster: Ed Sommers
Battle of McDowell - Replay using "Two Flags - One Nation" rules

Replay, based on a conversion to hexes of an earlier replay Jon B put up on his rather fine ‘Grymauch’s Solo Wargaming’ blog a few days ago, which he played out in 6mm. This replay is based upon a conversion to hexes and is played using Norm Smith's "Two Flags - One Nation" rules...
Date: 2/18/2019
Poster: Ed Sommers
Two Flags - One Nation: Free ACW Hex-Based Rules

"Two Flags - One Nation". This 2017 Edition updates Norm Smith's home brew ACW hex based rules, which are now well over 10 years old. Much remains familiar, but they have picked up some new mechanics from my more recent rule designs, in particular his napoleonic rules (Eagles at Quatre Bras), as he attempts to merge several aspects of the two sets together...
Date: 2/4/2019
Poster: Doug Holt
TF-ON design problems with rivers

"...the question arose as to whether a smoothbore musket could fire across Bull Run." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, mulls how to handle a quirky situation created by terrain hexes. Come along as Norm takes us on an fascinating walk through the "…design problems and the compromises that can fall out of putting sticking plasters on gaps that appear in rules."
Date: 1/25/2019
Poster: Doug Holt
ACW - Action at Mill Creek

Can the Confederates capture the bridge crossing "…before that enemy reinforcing brigade arrives to spoil their day..."? Norm Smith, in his Battlefields and Warriors blog, discusses some changes to his Two Flags - One Nation American Civil War rules, followed by a quick test scenario. Check out the fun, as Norm concludes "…combat had gone down to the last dice roll, which I took as a good sign of scenario balance."